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Note: 14/07/09 Morning

July 14th, 2009


Kids and Sports


… spend time -ing
… have a greater chance of -ing

there is less deforestation for farming

One [ main | significant ] advantage of -ing

One of the main disadvantages of -ing is that …

electric cars -> they

contagious disease

can be physically and psychologically healthier

2009/07/14 10:44

[whereas and while]

[Method for Writing Essays about Tables]

(1st Paragraph)

  1. Read the question. Change it slightly and use it as a first scentence.
  2. Write about the tables (ex. units, countries, years, …).

(2nd Paragraph)

  1. Write one or two overall scentence(s). No number is included (except the year).

(3rd Paragraph, …)

  1. Write one or two specific paragraph(s). Make them simple.


The given table chart gives a breakdown of CO2 emissions in total metric tonnes and on a per capita basis in five  countries: the US, China, Russia, India and Japan.

Overall, most countries increased their production of CO2 during the [ selected | mentioned ] period except for Russia, which decreased significantly. The highest producer of CO2 emission was the US in both categories and both years.

The figures show that four out of five countries increased their total CO2 output during the selected period. …


* hygienic : [adjective] conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, esp. by being clean
per capita (= each person) : [adverb & adjective] for each person; in relation to people taken individually
Look what the cat dragged in

Note: 13/07/09 Afternoon

July 13th, 2009


[Describe a mistake you have made in your life that you regret.]

You should:

  • say what the mistake was
  • say when you made the mistake

and discuss why you regret making it.


problem -> problematic

If she had (she’d) [come|-ed] last year, she would (she’d) have (she’d've) [found|-ed] a job.




There are numerous advantages in learning another language.
It should not be surprising that English, Spanish and Mandarin are becoming increasingly popular, given that they are so useful.
The advantages of leaning another language can be divided into three broad areas: a personal satisfaction, as a support for business an as a way of promotiong international tolerance.

(Body 1)

It is thought that learning another language helps to develop personal satisfaction because as people studay as a second language they get exposed to a wide variety of experiences at the same time. When you make a friend from another country, it is essential that you can communicate in the same language. Additionaly by mastering other languages people become more confident because of their achievement; it is intrinsically pleasing.

(Body 2)

International business has increased very significantly in recent years.
English is the main means of communication, so more and more business people have begun leaning it.
In addition the vast majority of emails are in English.
However, English is not the only medium; Mandorin and Spanish are also two of the most important languages.
If business people study one of them, it will contribute to improve communication with foreigner companies.
Therefore, learning different languages can promote global trade.

(Body 3)

Learning a language can also be a way promoting international torelance. It provides greater opportunities for direct communication with foreigners. It leads to people getting closer to each other as a consequence began to appreciate culture diffecences. In addition, language learning helps to breakdown national stereotypes, given that when people communicate well they would understand better each other and racial backgrounds.


It has been shown in this essay that there are considerable advantages in learning another language.
These advantages are not restricted to personal reasons; they are also important from an international perspective.
Without English international business would not be so efficient.
However, given the number of international crises, parhaps the most important role of learning an additional languages is in the promotion of international understanding.


  • problematic : [adjective] constituting or presenting a problem or difficulty

Note: 13/07/09 Morning

July 13th, 2009


[What are you like?]

What are you like?

  • (Without waiting to blow my own trumpet,) I think I’m [quite|very] (+) but I can be a bit (-) at times.
  • You [strikes me as being|seem to be] [quite|very] (+) but I think you can be a bit (-) at times.
    NZers …

(+) : conscientious, optimistic …
(-) : selfish …