HW: 07/07/09 Morning


  • * labourer : [noun] a person doing unskilled manual work for wages
  • * receptionist : [noun] a person employed in an office or other establishment to answer the telephone, deal with clients, and greet visitors
  • public relations officer
  • safety officer
  • security officer
  • union official
  • personnel officer
  • * physiotherapist
  • * physiotherapy : [noun] British term for physical therapy
  • civil servant : [noun] a member of the civil service
  • * tailor : [noun] a person whose occupation is making fitted clothes such as suits, pants, and jackets to fit individual customers
  • * shift-work : [noun] work comprising recurring periods in which different groups of workers do the same jobs in rotation
  • job-sharing : share full time job with other person
  • * exploit : [verb] make full use of and derive benefit from (a resource)