Apple Script and Automator

Macintosh has a lot of features. There is no complainment that Apple Script, a programmable script language for Mac, is one of them. With Apple Script, you can automate some tasks, like sending messages on Mail or managing informations of songs on iTunes.

Although Apple Script is designed to understand and use for developers, it is not easy to guess that is even difficult to use for non-developers. Don’t need to be disappointed; Apple is offering alternate solution, which is called Automator.

Automator is able to be considered as like Graphical Apple Script. It is consisted by a lot of operation unit blocks, like “Select a file” or “Copy a file” etc. Users can arrenge these unit blocks sequencely by drag & drop. For example, you can create an operation such as “selecting all files in a folder”, “filtering by the name”, and “moving proper files to another folder” by just arrenging these suitable blocks graphically and easily. I think Apple Script and Automator are the two greatest advantages of Mac.

There is another feature on Macintosh. That is called Folder Action. This is the feature that you can run your Apple Scripts or Automator operations whenever you put file(s) into a folder. With these features, you can make an automated operation to upload a photograph to your online album just putting it into a specific folder. This Folder Action seems to make an extra load for Finder, but it is worth using; you can save your operations, or of course your time.