Free Internet

Today, an announcement had released by Vodafone NZ. That was about the FREE mobile data usage for limited period, saying that they will give free 100MB for first 3 month to new OnAccount (Post-pay) users.

By now, using the internet by mobile was not so common. As far as I know, many people in NZ have a simple mobile phone, just with calling, txting, and alarm etc. But nowadays, many smartphones like iPhone or BlackBerry or moble phones that have a connectivity to the net have released, giving the demand of data connection.

But the problem is, in NZ, there is no unlimited data usage plan. This means that, of course, the connectivity to the internet have a restriction and it seems to be critical especially for iPhone or BlackBerry.

I should say that the situation of the internet in NZ is out of date: very slow and very restricted. Even 100MB per month must be not enough for power-users, and may be for usual users, it is still meaningful because of its freebie. I hope it become the first step of the unlimited internet connection.