travelnote -day 28: from Mt. Maunganui to Auckland via Rotorua, day29: at Auckland-

I could not write the post because I was tired yesterday,

so I write about yesterday and today.


As I wrote before,

I went to Mt. Mounganui

to see and try to an English school.

The school I went was very friendly

and nice atmosphere.


After I tried a morning class,

I went to the mount Maunganui.

Because I did not have enough time,

so I didn’t climb,

but I walked around the mountain.

There is a comparatively flat path around the mountain,

and we can walk there.

And also it needs a short time to walk,

up to 1 hour or so.

That was very peaceful and the sceneries of the sea was beautiful.


In the afternoon,

I moved to Auckland.

We departed Tauranga at 3:00,

headed on Rotorua.

We arrived there about 4:15

and took a rest for 1 hour,

and departed there to Auckland at 5:30.

The time we arrived Auckland was about 9:15,

and when I was back to my room it was almost 10:30.

I was very tired and went to bed very soon ^^;



Today was a calm day.

I just researched about Australia travel.

I’m planning to depart from Auckland to Sydney on 13, May,

and stay few days there.

After that I might fly to Ayers Rock

and get on a train heading to south to Adelaide,

and go to Melbourne.


I think I’ll travel Australia about 2 weeks or 3 weeks,

but I haven’t decided any details yet,

and haven’t booked any hotels,

or even my flights ^^;

I should do it early…