Can Pomera contribute to writing English articles?

Can Pomera count the English words? Maybe not. And I realise that it’s very essential for me the spell check function, whereas it’s apparent that it has no functions related to English because Pomera is for Japanese editors or writers. Thus, I think that I should use it just for taking notes or store some words I checked and move to PC or Mac, which I can use a text editor to polish it.

For writing a essay, it’s a essential factor that how long it is. Usually I should write more than 200 or 300 words per essays. So the function of counting the word is very useful for practicing to write English articles or essays.

Pomera has ATOK in it, which is one of the most famous and useful IME for Japanese. And also it has a function to count the letters. So Pomera is suitable for editing Japanese articles: in other words, editing English articles with it means killing its strength.

But, in the truth, it’s very hard to find any alternatives for Pomera, which is portable and instant, and currently the tool I can use practically is Pomera only.