Google Chrome OS

Yesterday, Google had announced an aggressive project, called Google Chrome OS. Google finally has stepped into the OS.

In the truth, this is not the first time Google release the OS. They already had released gOS, an Ubuntu based linux OS. But Google Chrome OS will be completely different from gOS; Chrome OS will be an web OS. Chrome is integrated to the (maybe linux) OS and the functions or applications of the OS itself are minimized, with that users can get the benefit of instant access to the computer and the internet. And for applications like e-mail or PIM, users will use some web services like Gmail or Google Calender. We don’t know much about the new OS because they have not announced the detail, which comes later of this year.

Don’t you be excited? Of course, I’m one of you. But to watch what Google will do, I can’t help feeling that this is a very similar model Microsoft used to approach with their OS and the browser, Windows and Internet Explorer. Nowadays users can uninstall Internet Explorer,but it is truth that it was difficult or even impossible, that led Microsoft to the court. It is apparent that Google is not Microsoft in the OS market, and the Web services are not as they were. But with ignoring them, I’m not sure Google will success with the way once Microsoft had failed.